Venice Beach sunset

Venice Beach sunset enhanced by the Castaic fire.

Missing lawn signs


Why are Erin Darling lawn signs missing but Traci Parks are not?

Robin Doyno

Mar Vista


Proposition 16


Recently, California attempted to pass Proposition 16 to restore “affirmative action” statewide in the universities and government. This means that someone’s race, ethnicity, or gender could have been classified as a deciding factor in college admissions, hiring, and spending. The Asian community would have borne the brunt of this unfair decision, with top schools placing a quota on the number of accepted students who claim Asian Heritage.

One of the loudest proponents of Prop 16, Malia Cohen, is running for State Controller. She claimed that she and her cohorts were dismantling the “structural racism” in California, but by backing Proposition 16 she is showing the hypocrisy in her statements.

We’re playing a dangerous game by supporting people like Malia Cohen. The very backbone of California is inclusion and equal opportunity; regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. This November, I’ll be standing for what I believe by voting for the Controller candidate, Lanhee Chen—a brilliant financial mind who is the son of Taiwanese immigrants.

Rachel Weissman

West Hills


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