Re: LA City Hall


Jack Schwartz’s article is typical of LA City Hall. They do nothing but collect exorbitant checks and benefits. Guess what? They just voted themselves  a raise.

I know the difference because I had been receiving great results through 2003 when we had dedicated councilmembers like Nate Holden, then Ruth Galanter who did the job. After that, city work ceased.

A left turn signal light at Sepulveda and Palms was approved by the city in 2016. No signal light to date although accidents are occurring. I guess we have to have a death. A four-way stop at Charnock Road and Greenfield is also on record. This is close to Charnock Road Elementary School. 

Speaking of Charnock Road, I requested a broken sidewalk and curb to be repaired. The city's answer was: “We don't do road work.” The list goes on. Graffiti removal is so antiquated and slow. I suggested automation as in Santa Monica and the Valley. No response. 

Years ago, I suggested that the vacated Parker Center downtown could house Skid Row homeless immediately. City Hall responded that it is not earthquake proof. I did not know that the streets and sidewalks were, did you? Hotels advertise that they are empty. City Hall doesn't read except the amount of money deposited in their accounts.

City Hall boasts of its voting $15 minimum wage for LA. How about their living on the same amount? Enough of my experiences with the present City Hall. Voting is in November. Let's clean house.

Jeanne Parker



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