A ‘Selfless Act of Kindness’

Re: “Fifty Years of Hot Dogs and French Fries,” Reporter’s Notebook, Nov. 10

Thank you, Gary Walker, for the great story of Harold Arutunian’s generosity to the neighborhood for the past 50 Halloweens.

We have always looked forward to the french fries, hot dogs and drinks which made his home become a Halloween gathering place for all who live in Playa del Rey.  We are very grateful that his children have elected to carry on his tradition.

This selfless act of kindness to our community is but one small example of the reason Harold was admired and loved by so many.

Booker & Terri Pearson

Playa del Rey

The Old Crap Fairy Isn’t Real

Mark Ryavec makes some valid points about the “kick the can” dynamic that has shaped the policies proven ineffective in reducing the number of people on the streets. If this is the No. 1 priority for Venice Beach residents, then temporary measures must be considered — as if this were London circa 1940, and the Tube (subway to Yanks) stations became overnight shelters.

Let people sleep in the basketball and paddle tennis courts and the parking lots with access to portable washroom/toilet facilities. Hire veterans with the proper training to oversee and help identify the different types of homelessness situations these people represent. Identification of the homeless population living at Venice Beach is the first step to getting people off the streets.

One of the ancillary elements in this equation that residents and the city must take responsibility for is the lack of coordination between bulky item pickup and people who simply leave old furniture out by the dumpster. There’s no Old Crap Fairy who comes in the night and takes your old couch to Magic Recycleville. Litter gets scarfed up by the homeless and becomes part of their problematic moving feast. Stop dumping your crap and call to arrange a pickup.

Michael Francis Clarke



Re: “How We Voted:

Preliminary Local, State & National Election Results,” Web Exclusive, Nov. 9

For all you liberals, please move to Canada ASAP as you promised so housing costs will go down. I am in the market but can only afford $1 million.


Judging by the local results, Alan, I would say the liberals will all be flocking to L.A. You might want to leave the city.

Tracy TC

L.A., you will unfortunately get what you voted for. Good luck!


Re: “A Big Night for Down-Ballot Contests,” Nov. 10

I feel like Moses (or sister Miriam), who could not enter the promised land because his generation had been slaves and that mentality had to die off before the Hebrews not born slaves could enter.

As a woman, I was hoping to see a woman president elected in my lifetime. Alas, it may be up to my daughter and granddaughters to experience the end of sexism as my generation has experienced it.

Although our city has only one woman on its 15-member city council, I’m so happy that four of our five L.A. County supervisors and both of our U.S. senators represent our California bubble.

On a much happier note, seeing marijuana legalized in my time is a longtime dream come true. Too many innocents have been incarcerated unfairly for too long.

I’m thrilled that L.A. voters agreed to bite the bullet and fund Prop HHH to address the catastrophe of homelessness in our city. Measure M’s passage as well is crucial to our city catching up with other metro areas in creating a viable transportation system.

Linda Lucks

I expect that our democratic institutions will be placed under great stress during the new presidency. May they be durable and resilient enough to preserve our republic.

Edgar Saenz

Re: “Changing the Conversation,” News, Nov. 3

“Most people aren’t dealing with a real enemy,” McGovern says. “They’re dealing with a caricature of conservatives or a caricature of liberals. They’re fighting against the hyperbole and not the value system underneath.” This is the most accurate summary of modern politics that I’ve ever read. Can’t wait

to see the documentary!

Jake Jones

One of my favorite poems is William Butler Yeats’ “The Second Coming.” The poem (written in 1919, in the aftermath of World War I) contains the line, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity.” “The Other Side” shows us one of the best who has managed to retain his “passionate intensity.”

Dan Cole

I’ve come to realize also that our ears need to be open. Some are divorced from reality and others are just hungry. Hungry for satisfaction, for being listened too, for success and for comfort. Thank you, Joe, for the huge help in bringing civility back into play.

Haskell V. Anderson III

Re: “Tough Love,” Cover Story, Oct. 20

Jeffe Huls is indeed a truly exceptional teacher, and his artistry, passion and rigor inspire and elevate his students. The article suggests that SaMoHi Choirs are not, themselves, exceptional. I would beg to differ. SaMoHi choirs are well known throughout the region, winning top honors at festivals throughout the west, and they have sung in remarkable historic venues throughout Europe. The year that Ms. Bar-Kar filmed, one of his choirs did not place well at one festival. It made for a great story (and a great learning opportunity for the students,) but I assure you that it is not the norm. I would encourage those interested in Huls and his accomplished choirs to attend “Motus Perpetuus: Winter Concert of Perpetual Motion” at 7 p.m. on Dec. 16 at Santa Monica High School’s Barnum Hall. Tickets are available at the door.

Patti Braun

Both my kids sing under Mr. Huls at SaMoHi now (senior and freshman) and his program is truly one of the highlights of their high school years. We are so lucky to live in a city that values and prioritizes arts education!


We need him to train other teachers to have his standards!

Teresa Dillon-Scott

It’s great to see an arts program and teacher get the recognition they deserve!

Joanne Welk