Why and where is USPS holding our mail?


It’s been one week, July 29 and continuing to count the days since any mail has  been delivered to the Tierra Del Rey Community. I am unaware if other Marina del Rey communities are experiencing the same inconvenience with the USPS.

I have asked Marina Del Rey Post Office if they could help us. I was directed to the postmaster general at Venice Post Office who did not answer the phone after two days of trying. I have contacted Mike Bonin’s office and they were not aware. I then called the office of Rep. Karen Bass. I signed and filed a complaint against the USPS for not delivering and holding our mail.

I was told by two USPS drivers that there are … no trucks … no drivers … no mail. “Get used to it.” Packages are delivered, but no mail is placed in those trucks.

There is no information where the mail is being held. In the meantime, bills need to be paid, checks need to be cashed, medication needs to be taken and important correspondence is not being sent. USPS is hurting our Tierra Community.

This is unacceptable for all the residents who are not receiving their mail. I myself have Informed Delivery through the USPS to know what mail will be delivered each day, which has been none.

Even given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in this is not how a federal agency should be managed.

Leslie Clarke

Marina del Rey

Responsibility shouldn’t cost so much.


A most pressing responsibility now is responding to COVID in its various deadly and otherwise destructive impacts.

Without falling into a rant about opposition to vaccination, I hope to focus some attention on how social support can make responsibility more affordable.

Let’s take the “Open Main St. Pavement to People Pilot Program’s” performance for its first experimental weekend as our example.

My strongest negative reaction to the July 24 and 25 Main Street opening was how the new threat of the Delta variant was not given proper concern.

Those who’ve kept up with the science know that the Delta virus fragments multiply nearly 1,000 times as efficiently as the COVID-19 version that has already devastated the world. They are also aware of how even a fully vaccinated person’s nose can incubate these particles efficiently.

A healthy nose can broadcast and distribute that virus wherever it goes, unless it is filtered out — preferably with a face mask — or kept as a safe social distance. Science also teaches us that the current vaccines are an effective weapon against the pandemic’s ruin, in spite of the various superstitious forces that can’t recognize that fact.

Don’t you think the organizers and architects of the Main Street Pilot Program should responsibly recognize Delta’s potential?

We can understand how all who’ve worked for a successful experiment to validate Open Street’s goals might worry that publication of Delta’s threat in association to the experimental weekend events would deter some participants. Without enough positive response to the program, success would be jeopardized. If not enough participate, the whole deal would be a “nothing-burger.”

Behaving responsibly to the Delta threat might cost the success of so much effort and good will. “How can we reduce that cost?” is the question.

Would it kill the program to acknowledge the COVID-19 threat with strongly enforced mask mandates and offered mitigations like mask giveaways, pop-up vaccination stations and adequate social distancing?

Achieving safe social distancing could be facilitated by proper design where pedestrian traffic is directed through the spacious middle of the open street that is kept available for emergency and other necessary vehicle access. Instead, we have the sidewalk gauntlet frequently further narrowed by extra sidewalk restaurant service tables and take out customer lines.

Mask giveaways would be excellent features for promotional booths whether for OPA membership or commercial enterprises. There is enough time before next month’s experimental weekend for manufacture of printed promotional masks — whether they say “Drink Coke” or “Support Santa Monica.” Or how about some kid-sized masks with animal faces imprinted?

And the city of Santa Monica is already involved in vaccination promotion and inoculation services — certainly there would be room for these to operate on the freshly opened Main Street!

My proposal is promote “Open Streets” as a special safety aware social event where the pandemic threat is acknowledged and mitigated.

“Sure, COVID-19 is scary, but here is a place and a time where people can acknowledge that threat. A place where it is mitigated to the level where you can bring your family and safely enjoy the company of others. This Open Street offers many of the outdoor dining, shopping and social opportunities you have missed this past year. Mask up and come on out.”

Tim Tunks

Santa Monica

Why the Bonin recall matters


For the first time in a long time, Councilman Mike Bonin seems to be actually responding to the acute concerns of Venice and the rest of the citizens of CD-11 in wake of moving transients off the boardwalk and bringing some sense of normalcy back to Oceanfront Walk.

As the highest paid council member in the United States, Mr. Bonin only represents some 300,000 residents but earns more than every sitting state governor, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and just about every elected municipal official across the country.

Those who represent all of California like our two senators speak for 40,000,000 people, Sheriff Alex Villanueva some 10,000,000 here in LA County alone.

But as they say, “All politics is local,” and finally we see Mr. Bonin pivoting back to the notion that this council district is a collection of diverse neighborhoods in dire need of representation that will address the issues of rampant homelessness, rising crime and this attack on our community values and quality-of-life concerns that have been ignored for too long!

And it is this severe reaction to Bonin’s failed policies and proposals across the district that have resulted in yet a second recall effort.

For the first attempt was narrow in cause and effect as the road diets he proposed were pushed back and as Mike would say, “Reimagined!”

But it took an angry and devastating push back by residents to get Mr. Bonin to finally react and do something, anything to decrease the transient population that dominates the homeless issue to say nothing of the violence and spike in crime that came with his inability to respond and react.

For crime in Venice alone year over year has ballooned some 150% according to Pacific Division data shared by LAPD. The notion of “clean” neighborhoods has evaporated and the work to end homelessness is now stuck in the mud.

For why is Los Angeles and Venice in particular the homeless/transient capital?

Why do 50% of all homeless in CD-11 live in Venice, only outdone by the conditions downtown at Skid Row?

For this hint of improvement at the boardwalk is a direct result of demands for citizen action and the hostility that Bonin has agitated and provoked through ignoring the issue and avoiding the emails and phone calls of hundreds if not thousands of constituents over the last two to three years.

His presence in Venice is nonexistent as he avoids any community meetings or gatherings and continues the cries of “NIMBY” and other rhetoric designed to confuse or mask his failures as an elected official as this recall becomes a real threat to his political future.

And once again, this recall effort is truly organic in nature, being organized by Venice locals who just want the old Venice back, minus the encampments and high crime created by Bonin himself no matter how much he tries to confuse the record.

And like any recall, this is no longer about the issues but the gathering of the signatures.

For this is now about the math.

And for every registered voter that signs the petition is making a statement that enough is enough and that it’s time for the structural change of government at the local level.

And when this recall reaches 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 30,000 signatures, the political narrative will no longer be about why Mike Bonin is being recalled, but when he will be replaced and a new election held to end this term of office and bring a fresh face to city government.

For any candidate thinking about challenging Mike Bonin in 2022 is no serious candidate at all if they are not gathering signatures and ending this failed term of office right now.

For if they refuse to do the heavy lifting now, how could they be trusted to the right thing later?

For the recall is bigger and more important than anything else facing this community.

He will not resign and will fight to the bitter end, and a failed recall will be political fodder that Bonin isn’t really a terrible council member and that under it all is a hint that voters may just like Mike one last time!

And all the political operatives and consultants seeking fat fees for a shot at Mike in 2022 must realize that a defeated recall could in fact revive and resuscitate Bonin’s political pulse in the face of his across-the-board failures which are obvious and too numerous to mention here.

Anyone serious about beating Bonin can’t take a pass or sit this recall out.

Being part of this effort demonstrates a commitment to the greater good of defeating Mike Bonin once and for all!

Standing on the sidelines and doing nothing is just unacceptable.

For the common thread in this recall is the lack of solutions proposed or initiated by Bonin on the core issues of rampant homelessness, rising crime and the quality of life robbed from all of us. Bonin himself has admitted the following:

· Venice Beach and Oceanfront Walk suffers from a lack of coordinated management on his watch!

· Bonin has failed to create a management structure that addresses this governmental vacuum!

· Where was the “neighborhood-friendly” evening programming he promised at OFW?

· Bonin created and conceived the failed Venice Forward; that has since collapsed under its own weight of bureaucratic ineffectiveness!

· Where is the mental health component or strategy to Mike’s failed homeless initiatives that leave the sick on the street?

· Why isn’t surplus city parcels used to strategize the housing question throughout CD-11 and cease these attempts of making Venice the reliable containment zone?

· Where is the daily outreach and why does Mike reject the efforts of LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva as a willing partner to solve the crisis? Where are the rest rooms, showers and bathrooms that were promised here in Venice and across the district?

· Where are the street services that were promised with Bridge Housing that never occurred?

· Why has Mike Bonin tied the hands of the LAPD’s Pacific Division and why does he refuse the assistance of the LASD?

For Venice and CD-11 have witnessed this steep climb in rampant homelessness and violent crime under Mike Bonin that is obvious and undeniable, and to reward Mr. Bonin’s failed efforts by taking a pass on the recall only strengthens his political hand for reelection

in 2022.

For now is the hour.

For one thing I do agree with Mike is this: this isn’t about ideology, it’s about problem-solving and his solutions just don’t work.

In fact I’ll take it a step further: it’s about doing the right thing and stop applying political best practices that do not apply.

For the recall of Mike Bonin is the logical extension to solving the problem at hand and signing that petition is the first step in delivering on a new council member who has the guts to turn around Venice and the rest of CD-11.

Nick Antonicello

Venice Beach