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Getting Rid of the Artists 

What should I read if I want to learn about women’s history?” my student asked. I’ve been promoting Women’s History Month in my March writing classes. “How far back do you want to go? I could start you off with the Greek or Nordic pantheon of badass women. They’re mythological but also histo…

Happy Women’s History Month, sweetie!” I say to my husband, Ken. “I’d like to think I may have had something to do with Jacquie Lawson and LovePop having International Women’s Day and Women’s History  cards as part of their collection, although I can’t be sure,” I say. “Why do you say that?”…

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You have rats? Gross! I thought rats only lived in big cities,” my sister Mary said. We’d just seen a rat the size of a pony gallop across my kitchen floor. I did have a small horse ranch after all. “Nope, being in California, I’ve learned that wherever there is food, there are rats,” I said.

Over the course of my career as a television host, I’ve seen a lot of tough competitions on game shows and I’ve witnessed a lot of heartbreaking losses—but the contestants were always humans who chose to compete for prizes in order to entertain people. 

A client said that they stopped covering their mouth while yawning in public and it took some awareness and effort to reestablish that habit once the mask mandates went away. Yawning without covering and without a mask was impolite, but it didn’t hurt anyone.

I write this eulogy while looking across one of the 10-lane freeways P-22 somehow miraculously crossed in 2012, gazing at a view of his new home, Griffith Park. Burbank Peak and the other hills that mark the terminus of the Santa Monica Mountains emerge from this urban island like sentinels …

Re: ‘Historic Win’ article

Blackouts in Marina del Rey

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Months ago, I wrote a letter regarding my brother Ryan’s dark journey of mental illness and ensuing homelessness, in the hopes of adding a human face to one aspect of the tragic homeless problem in this state and country…and to shed light on the urgent need for mental health law reform.  

Re: End the fires, move homeless to vacant lots near LAX

In October, we celebrated National Women’s Small Business Month, an opportunity to share truly good news: Over the past 40 years, the number of women-owned businesses in the United States has exploded, growing from just 5% of all businesses to more than 42%, edging ever closer to parity with…

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