American Beauty

American Beauty is a neighborhood steakhouse on Rose Avenue in Venice.

Located on Rose Avenue in Venice, American Beauty is a neighborhood steakhouse that opened its doors in September 2019. The restaurant’s name is poetic with various interpretations that range from a type of rose to a Grateful Dead album. According to Jeff Goodman, CEO of American Gonzo Food Corp., “we want to leave it up to our guests to decide what it means to them.”

Beyond the rustic exterior is a casual but highly designed space that includes an open kitchen and the restaurant’s signature open-air horseshoe bar.

“We left the exterior of the building and the mosaic untouched to maintain a sense of place – it was a part of the fabric of Rose Avenue and Venice,” Goodman said. “The kitchen is on display so everyone can get caught up in the romance of a live wood fire. It was also important to us that the horseshoe bar was the social hub of the space, part of the street and also sheltered from it and promoting conversations with people on the next stool and across the bar. Our bar is equally suited for dropping in for a couple of drinks or enjoying a full meal. We offer a broad range of local and small production spirits, craft cocktails and beers, and a wine list with over 200 selections.”

The parking lot was transformed into an outdoor dining space and is completely fenced in from the hub bub of Rose, filled with 100 tons of gravel and a centerpiece 20-foot olive tree.

“We built a wood deck with high-top tables off the bar and mill-worked a four-sided booth that acts as both the heart of the space and the planter of the olive tree,” Goodman said. 

Led by Chef Elisha Ben-Haim, American Beauty’s spring menu features an assortment of new items for guests to try—among them a mac and cheese dish with extra sharp cheddar and crispy breadcrumbs. 

“Steak is the star of the show year round, but the bountiful Los Angeles farmers markets really guide what Chef Elisha puts on our menu,” Goodman said. “Some of the seasonal dishes that are currently being featured are our grilled Castroville artichokes, delta asparagus, blistered sugar snap peas and a strawberry shortcake with a biscuit recipe that Chef keeps under lock and key.”

Goodman also shared a local secret that the Win~Dow at American Beauty serves one of the best breakfast burritos in town during their breakfast service from 8 to 11 a.m. every weekend.

“It is made with American Beauty house brisket and fries inside, and it is the best thing to eat after catching some waves or before you head down to Venice Beach,” he said. “We also have a $3.95 breakfast sandwich with grilled bologna, $2 coffee and we’ll put an egg on any of our signature Win~Dow items like that classic smash burger everybody loves.” 


American Beauty

425 Rose Avenue, Venice